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Usually, the About page is, in the words of Seinfeld, a show “about nothing”.  Most service providers list their credentials, stuff in a few branding messages, and then ask you to contact them immediately.

We’re not doing that. We think this page should give you a flavor of who Knowpreneur Consultants is. Before you trust us, you’re going to want to know who you’re dealing with.

But first we have to apply the requisite boilerplate branding description:

Knowpreneur Consultants is a collection of seasoned entrepreneurial consultants and writers who have backgrounds in entrepreneurship, technology, journalism, marketing, advertising, and social media.

Knowpreneur is led by Tony Wanless, a Certified Management Consultant and an award-winning former journalist. Tony has been creating content in books, newspapers, magazines, television, and online for more than 30 years. He currently writes business columns for BC Business Magazine and the Financial Post. He has created six entrepreneurial businesses, has produced almost 100 case studies and white papers, thousands of articles, hundreds of blog posts, dozens of business, marketing, and other plans, several reports, and 10 books as a ghostwriter and editor.



And, Of Course, The Required Endorsements

“Tony has the unique ability to see complex issues and distill them into simple/operable terms. I learned to trust that, when given the latitude to do so, Tony found solutions that weren’t obvious but created huge value.” — Michael Hagerman, investor, philanthropist, professor, and founder, Stratage, founder, Subserveo

“Tony consistently delivers timely and original news and analysis to his audience at the Financial Post, Canada’s business elite. I depend on Tony to inform me and FP readers of the latest entrepreneurial insights and trends. I highly recommend Tony as a writer and a management consultant.” — Dean Cummer, Associate Editor and Editor, Special Reports, National Post.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tony on some high-profile projects. Tony is a strategic thinker who can cut through clutter in a matter of moments. He sees the bigger picture as well as the focus and this nets tremendous results. I’d recommend Tony to any company that is struggling with their strategy/business plan… he’ll ask the tough questions, will weigh in with his expertise and will bring an organization to clarity and purpose.” ­— Catherine Ducharme, Outside In Communications



But  that’s the credential stuff. We’re also human. So here’s some back story.

Knowpreneur was started a decade ago by Tony to guide knowledge entrepreneurs in business processes. Along the way, to more effectively help knowledge businesses, he became a Certified Management Consultant (the CMC is a worldwide designation, that requires a rigorous credentialing process). Now he’s licensed to train other management consultants.

By 2008, Tony was also a strategic advisor and writer on innovation, and started Reinventionist, a service for people and companies that needed to reinvent themselves but don’t know the methodology involved. It became apparent that a key problem with reinvention is describing expertise.New tools to better communicate had appeared.  But there was no semblance of process in their use so people were using them willy-nilly to “push” themselves on people.

That’s why, today, the Knowpreneur team provides a very specific service for a very specific group of businesses who want to “pull” prospects to them.

We plan and create content strategies and materials for companies with complex products and services. We understand these complexities and can précis them so they speak to target clients or customers.

This involves custom publishing of content such as books, white papers, case studies, articles, educational blogs, and curating (collecting other information relevant and of interest to your reader constituency). We implicitly believe that everything your company sends out should provide valuable and educational information to target readers.

Why should you care?

Because we don’t just deliver copy or promise branding. We bring a management consultant’s view and thinking to the process


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